Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Can be Fast and Flat

While running what's become a semi-traditional 10K in Rochester, I was reminded something I hear a lot around Ironman Florida, namely 'There's no such thing as an easy Ironman.' Which is true.

Around 3.5 miles into what is a very fast, mostly flat 5 turn course I started to wonder if it's also true that there's no such thing as a flat 10K. Of course, there are, somewhere, however every 'flat' course I've ever run seems to have at least a few hills in it. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I know very well that my strength is not plowing along on the flats anyway, but some days you'll take the easiest course that you can get. Thursday kind of felt like one of those days.

The race is flat- the biggest climb on the course is probably 50 feet over an eigth of a mile or something like that. But of course, flat is relative. The first mile and an half is really a steady downhill pitch- the year I ran in the mid 34s on the course I ran the first mile in under 5 minutes. In miles 4 and into 5 there are two visible climbs annd it was odd, running on what I consider two of the tamest hills you can run on, people started coming back to me. Some of them stayed back, some didn't.

Flat or real flat, Margit and I took our 5th husband/wife team title and that was our goal, so we were prett psyched.

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