Sunday, April 15, 2007

Quick Thoughts on a Tough Day

I'm not going to mince words or make excuses. I had a poor race today. After what was simply the most hellish bike ride I have ever had, I ran poorly and I finished with an 11:27 something.

That is to say, I walked much of the second and a small part of the third loops. I had always felt as though I would never walk, however, when that moment came when I started to think about whether I should run or stop, I instead decided to keep moving. It probably was a bad decision but I think that had I simply kept running i would have ended up in the medical tent or just lying on the side of the road like other people I saw today.

I also ran 6 of the last 9 miles, including the last five. It could have been worse. And it could have been so much better. More later. No regrets.

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