Friday, July 20, 2007

Trumbull Sunset Run

Prior to the first time Margit did Lake Placid the Trumbull Sunset Run (once part of a Trumbull Series- anyone remember that ?) was a regular part of my yearly race schedule/last minute decision making process. This is only the second time I've run the race in the last six (?) years however.

With Ian, it's pretty hard for both of us to run a race unless we get a babysitter. Margit has pushed Ian through a number of races, including a remarkable 4 mile journey last year at the WAASC St. Patrick's Day Race in which she scored for AF-Hitek. But there's no question that isn't the same as racing. When Marty told me that not only was I welcome to come and run gratis, but that he'd enlist his own family to watch Ian while we ran. All this while Marty was busy directing the race.

When people tell you that Marty is special, well, a lot of people never really get to see it. They only see him on race day and not the rest of it, the guy that throws dinner parties for 50 people to say thank you for helping out. He took the time to email and tell me to come to his race, run free and bring Ian and margit and he'd take care of that too. And he did.

I'm still a little off my form, and I'm certainly no competition in my age group for George Buchanan, who came off winning two races in the last week to add a third place tonight, but I'll take my 18:12 9th place finish and be thankful that I have a friend like, and that the entire racing community has a friend like Marty Schaivone.

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