Monday, February 02, 2009

Super Bowl- Great Game, Lousy MVP

What a great game that was yesterday- I want to thank everyone who came over and watched the game with us and brought the food and the fun with them.

We've really been treated to consecutive great Super Bowls. The see-saw ending was a great way to ensure this will be one of the better games, one of the ones that's remembered.

But the MVP choice ? I'm going to give two reasons why I think it was bad and by the time I'm done, probably no one will agree with me, which is fine.

Santonio Holmes ? He wasn't even the best receiver on the field, much less the best player. Here's my top 4, and Holmes isn't on it.

1) Ben Roethlisberger 256 yards passing, 21/30 (70%) 1TD, 1INT. Ben made it happen over and over again. The success that Santonio had was the direct result of Ben's ability to stay alive after the blocking broke down and make plays, and Santonio's big catch was as much about a perfectly throw ball as some spectacular catch.

2) Kurt Warner 31/43 377 yards 3TDs, 1 INT These numbers are even more amazing considering how good the Steelers defence actually is. A phenomenal game in a losing effort

3) Larry Fitzgerald 7 catches, 127 yards 2TDs. The most electrifying play of the game was Fitzgerald's middle of the field catch and carry that lifted the Cardinals back into contention

4) James Harrison's one single play, if you were to award the MVP for a single play, was more electrifying than Holmes' TD catch, as he rumbled through a record-setting record-setting interception return. He had almost as many yards (100) on one play as Holmes did in the entire game (131)

That's one argument. He's the second. Holmes was busted for possession of pot- in his car- and suspended one game by the Steelers during the sseason. Now, as one person at the party reminded me, the MVP is supposed to only be about the game, but... and I know there are lots of people who think pot is no big deal. I don't agree, but that's not the point. Driving stoned is no better than driving drunk, and if you aren't planning on using the pot, why would you have it in the car the way Holmes did?

The sportswriters who voted Holmes MVP were basically rewarding Holmes for being a selfish jerk that could have hurt the team or innocent bystanders with his behaviour. This doesn't quite reach the egregious heights of Ray Lewis going from accessory to murder to MVP, but to me it still sends the wrong message. It wasn't like Holmes had the only good game, like he had 131 yards receiving and the Steelers had 200 total yards offence. There were plenty of great performances- quite frankly better performances, without reaching down into the barrel and rewarding a guy who broke the rules.

It's almost as though the effort here is to create the next Plaxico Burress out of another Pittsburgh receiver...

Any way you roll it, Holmes was not the right MVP choice.

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