Thursday, June 11, 2009

My 2:24 Marathon in April

You might find it odd that after running a stunning 2:24 marathon back in April, I didn't tell a single person.

That's because of course I didn't run a 2:24 marathon. Except on paper. I received the following email from JB (John Bysiewicz) today:

did you have anything to do with this marathon? You are in the results.

and the attached results (click for the full size image):

If you can't read them (not sure how they will size) you'll see Ian Frankel and I ran 2:24s (go us!), Jim Zoldy ran a 2:20 (awesome, Jim !), and Chris Schulten (now representing Germany) ran a blistering 2:17.

Also, if I was within 2 minutes of Larisa there is no way I'd let her beat me after the way she put, what was it, 12 minutes on me at Mystic in 2006 after using me as a windshield early in the race.

Apparently someone was using these bogus results to try and get elite treatment. I'm not going to identify the athlete except to say it wasn't anyone I mentioned.

And hey, thanks, I always wanted to break 2:30!

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Anonymous said...

Weird! A lot of familiar names in those phoney results... It looks like they took some of the 2007 Fairfield Half Marathon results and modified the clock and net times to look like half marathon splits and marathon finish times. (But they didn't bother changing the pace!)
I was just 18 seconds behind you in this fake marathon. Nice run...
- Chris Deming