Monday, August 24, 2009


I've started reviewing races on Why did I do this, you ask- well, maybe you didn't actually ask, however, I'm telling you anyway...

Racevine started following me on Twitter and tweeted me several times after I my post-race tweets inviting me to post reviews of the races. Now, I already chronicle my 'adventures' right here on this blog, however, I felt that there's a huge difference between my admittedly self-centered race entries here and a more objective evaluation of races which gives people an thumbnail description of what to expect and what the course is like.

While my opinions may not be of great value, I think the aggregation of opinions about races are. Too many times (myself included I'm sure) an athlete's good or bad performance overshadows or influences their evaluation of a race, and from first-timers looking for the right race to veterans looking for the right race, having a source to go to that rates races, their amenities, travel, and gives each evaluator a chance to actually write out their thoughts in free form is a great service to the running community.

Did I mention they have been having weekly contests where they select winners based on number and quality of evaluations ? Or that I'm competitive ? But contest or not, I think anyone who races should considering adding their reviews to this site.

Again, it's You can also follow them on twitter @racevine or become a fan on facebook. (I did both).

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