Monday, September 07, 2009

New Haven Road Race 2009- Quick Shout Out

What a perfect day for a race. And what a race- three guys finish within seven seconds at the top and eight break an hour- for 20K !

First as a board member, I want to thank everyone who gave me such great feedback on the race. I've rarely heard such uniformly positive buzz about a race, but I agree that today's race, with John Courtmanche and John Byzsiewicz leading the way, went off great.

Second, I wanted to mention a few people I saw or didn't see today. Ryan Pancoast ran a 1:12 ! Jim Zoldy- 1:13- just awesome. Chris Schulten, another great race today as you and George Buchanan came in at 1:14. Psst- George is in his fifties ! He's unbelievable...

James Beaubrun- awesome smart race. Having never run a race over 10K, coming in with a 1:16 in your first 20K and running strong in the back 10K was the way to go.

Barks- thanks for pushing me and for hanging out afterwords.

Charlie- going to do Hammerfest ?

In all the years I've run the race, I think today's race itself might have been the most enjoyable one yet. I'll post a race-recap tomorrow and rate the race on

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words. I get a kick out of your blog and look forward to it. Keep up the good work. JZ