Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Untappd: Quest for 500

Any one who knows me well knows I like beer. With so many beers out there, so many breweries and styles, I think it's never been a better time for the beer connoisseur, or as I see myself, the beer adventurer. 

So in April of 2012 I joined a new social network called Untappd, so I could track the beers I'd tried. 18 months later, several trips around the country and a lot of diligent shopping later I am on the verge of my 500th unique beer - and I'm taking suggestions.

I was at 493 when I got up this morning, so I took a trip to the local package store (it's a New England thing) and picked up 6 beers.

What's there ?

Robinson's Trooper- This English bitter is probably best rememberable because it's got an Iron Maiden-themed label. Colour, texture, balance and flavor are all spot on for an english bitter. I'm actually drinking it right now and it's good enough that I don't regret buying it. An ESB for the masses that want to ROCK ON!

Harviestoun's Ola Dubh 1991- Pricey. Ola Dubh 1991 is the first in our annual Vintage Limited Edition Series (we only produced 20,000 bottles). It is aged exclusively in Highland Park casks from 1991 and is bottled at full strength – a mighty 10.5% abv. I'm looking forward to this one.

Tusker Finest Quality Lager- is very light, almost too light. If you are looking for a flavorful beer, then this might just need to sit on the shelf while you make a different selection. Though the beer isn't all that bad, actually it is refreshingly crisp. Highly carbonated with hints of lemon and subtle green apple accents are evident to the smell and taste's end. I have a feeling I won't enjoy this one much, but hey, I've never had an African beer before.

Imperial Extra Double Stout 2008- If you like Russian Imperial Stouts and the name Albert Le Coq doesn't sound familiar to you, it should. The style and the name are essentially synonymous, since legend has it that the Belgian Le Coq began was invited to Tsarist Russia to brew the beer there to avoid import tarrifs. In 1912, Le Coq released the first Imperial Extra Double Stout from his brewery in Tartu. But the Russian Revolution and World War brought it all to an end. This beer adheres to the original recipe, paying hommage to the father of Imperial Extra Double Stout and a beer hero in our hearts. I have no question I am going to devour this.

Olde Expensive Ale- Olde Expensive pours murky, dark copper, exuding toffee, banana bread and sherry smells while spicy, peppery accents tickle the nose. This highly carbonated brew spreads out on the tongue with biscuity malts slathered in aged sherry flavors that unite in the middle of the tongue. Light vanilla blends with a flash of chocolate before spicy hops peak in the back of the mouth. Finishing dry with lingering sweetness, this brew’s an ale worth savoring. I expect to like this but I am reserving judgment.

Harviestoun's Bitter and Twisted Ale- Bitter & Twisted is a superbly-balanced, refreshingly-lively beer. It has a malty-sweet aroma with a floral, fruity hoppiness and a zingy, zesty flavour. Complex, rounded, sweet and dry; this is the connoisseurs' session beer par excellence! A session ale ? Well, I'll probably like it.

So here's the thing- I need suggestions for beer #500 and I want them from you. Check out my profile at http:// and help me decide how to terminate my quest for my 500th unique beer.

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