Friday, April 18, 2008

BSG- Wow

I think tonight was one of the toughest episodes of the show in the whole series because, well, how could you enjoy that ? Which is to say, this is a series which does what it needs to do, and that is not be afraid to put itself out there and put you the viewer through an hour of just very uncomfortable, gritty work.

It's the sort of hour of a series that I honestly think could drive some less serious viewers away.

Certainly nothing like what we'll get next week, when Six beats the snot out of the Colonel, where Apollo does more than just get put in his place my least favourite character- Laura- well Dean Stockwell is certainly making a run at that title. But no Baltar, no meaningful Adama, and just the barest hint of Starbuck.

Watching Cally unravel- with a child's life at stake- was ugly, uncompromising, and not the least bit enjoyable. But it also felt gritty, realistic.

Honestly, it wasn't any more enjoyable watching the Sixes getting pummeled either. You get the sense that the entire BSG universe is slowly unraveling. If you don't think that ominous comment about running out of spare bodies doesn't spell trouble, I think you're missing something. And the count that still falling at the start of the show- the number so small, so fragile. It's going to be an amazing end that's coming,,,,

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