Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's really, really nice out there- don't let it get to you

On Sunday, the thing that made the most sense was for me to get up at 7:30 and run for two hours. Which is what I did. As the day went on, and it got nicer and nicer, I was itching, no, I was crawling out of my skin, to get out on the bike. Better still, Margit was taking Ian to his swim lesson at 3:45. So I had a window of an hour and an an half to get out and do some riding that would have no effect on anything else.

There's something about the good weather that begs getting out on the bike. After all, I wasn't bummed that I'd started running when it was in the 50s and it was getting close to seventy. I mean, a two hour run is a two hour run, who cares if it's 50 or 70 and in fact some people would rather have it cold. Also, I'm glad to get to 9:30 AM on a Sunday and have my workout over with. Nevertheless, I was almost determined to get out and ride.

I wasn't trashed from the run or anything. I'd done about an hour on my own, then run a hammerfest loop with Michael D'Addetta, and actually gotten in about 2:10, meaning I'd gotten in my longest ride (70 miles) and run since October of last year in a three day period. In between I'd done a 20 minute ride-50 minute run-20 minute ride at a lower effort, but this was still a good three-day output.

The point isn't to break down all my workouts. It's that after increasing my volume to its largest level in six months, I simply didn't need to go and ride for an hour. in fact, going and riding for an hour was a dumb idea. Yes, it's awesome out there, and yes, to me at least, there is nothing in the training I do more enjoyable than sweeping along these roads along the shore.

But here's the deal. It was nice Sunday. And it was nice Monday, and Tuesday, and again today. I got to ride for almost an hour yesterday. I got to go on a (small) group ride today. I have another half-day Friday. The good days are going to come- for that matter, at some point, the season will be over, the water will be too cold to swim in, and I'll be wishing it was like it right now. It doesn't matter.

Chasing every nice moment, especially to get in a workout, is like chasing butterflies. there's always going to be work, driving in your car, chores, you name it. And even when you have the time, you have to step back and say, hey, I'm all worked out. That goal in, say July, is what's really important, and sometimes rest and recovery, not a ride, is what makes a great day even better...

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