Thursday, August 28, 2008

Crazy Days

I almost got completely crushed by a car that was turning into the Branford Intermediate School the other day. I was going down the hill at a reasonable clip, and this woman was turning. She didn't have her signal on, but I could tell by the kern of the car that she was turning. It was a big old Impala or something and I saw tombstones as I realised that she was not in fact, as I'd expected, actually going to slow down and let me- as I had the right of way- go through.

I got lucky. I accelerated out of fear, and she stopped, right when I could feel the hit from her engine blowing out through the grill on my leg.


I almost let it go, but then I felt compelled to go back. I had a question.

She opened the door- that big long door on those huge old american-made cars- apparently the window wasn't working.

"What we you thinking ?" I asked. I wasn't angry when I said it. I just wanted to know what switch had been turned off instead of on or on instead of off in her brain.

She looked back over her shoulder like she was looking for an excuse and said "The sun was in my eyes, I couldn't see you."

I didn't argue with her, although I knew I'd been in the shade at the time and the sun was behind the trees at the entrance. I just said "Then you need to go buy a pair of sunglasses, ma'am." She was probably a little younger than I am, but I didn't care. I thought she deserved at least a little dig.

I got on the bike and finished the ride because I only had 50 minutes and it was time to haul ass.

I wasn't mad. I was just wanted to know why. And I got an answer...

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