Friday, August 08, 2008

Pfizer Triathlon

Margit won a race !

For once, the rain held off until after the awards. I will say this about the race- the director cancelled the awards when the thunder started and I think that after the Block Island race, this was refreshing.

Margit was one of the first swimmers out of the water- it was a .5 mile, two lap swim. That's right, two quarter-mile laps. But hey, it worked.

She had a great transition and a good bike ride. There was one woman on a team that had what appeared to be the second fastest ride in the race, but I heard she was a semi-pro biker- she certainly looked it.

Then Margit had a seriously good run- and is once again psyched to train and race after her post-IMLP downtime.

Not the greatest race report but I was chasing Ian around the whole time...

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