Saturday, September 20, 2008

Number 4 ?

I'm doing a half-ironman in the morning, and the plan was to use it as a warm-up for Florida, which means concentrating on mechanics and form and just having a solid, but not spectacular race, not worrying about my age group or anything else.

That plan goes like this:

Swim: Concentrate on taking a longer, slower pull. That means being less tired because I'll be reducing my turnover. The goal for Florida is to swim faster, but in the short-term this strategy will probably slow me down.

Bike: Knees into the top-tube, high cadence, steady effort.

Run: Have the last mile within 15 seconds of the first mile. That means running more like it's an Ironman than a half-ironman.

In short- the goal was to race this race like it was an Ironman and use that experience for a springboard. Then I showed up at packet pick-up and the number I got ?


Regardless of how I do I want to thank Mandy for getting Margit and I set and I'll thank John ahead of time for being there to pump us up and cheer us on...

ps- still have the same goal. an A race is an A race.

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