Monday, September 29, 2008

Was that a long run ?

I've gotten spoiled. I've been running 90 minutes on Sunday most Sundays since two weeks after the Hartford Marathon- last October. There were some races in there and a few 75 minute runs, but hey, I ran 90 minutes two Sundays ago in the afternoon after a sprint triathlon.

On Saturday, I took a really close look at my workouts because I knew I had two workouts Sunday and I realised I had underestimated my run. The schedule said- 2 hours 30 minutes in B...

Wow- totally understandable, but from a training perspective, I've only ever run longer than 2.5 hours once, and 2.5 is generally the back end of my long runs, and I figured I was one week away from my biggest training week for Florida.

Does that mean that I have a 3 hour run in my future ? Not sure.

But if I do ? I can do it. Sure, my achilles was sore by 1:50 or so and by the end, I was pretty damn glad to be stopping, but I ran even splits, I covered a lot of ground, and I really worked my nutrition. It was grueling, but then again, so is running the IMFLA marathon...

Thanks coach. I needed that.

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