Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Closing in on an Ironman

With the race about a week away, it's odd to finally start to feel as though some things are falling into place.

I tweaked my achilles tendon about a year ago and while it never stopped me from doing anything, it has been getting progressively more sore right up through about two weeks ago. To the point where it felt like I had a high ankle sprain. I just kept icing it, didn't back down on the workouts, even when the other ankle started to hurt as well.

In fact, last weekend was my longest weekend- a 4 hour bike, one hour run and a two hour run the next day.

The ice paid off. I don't use painkillers or anti-inflammatories except for the ice, but somewhere during the last week the pain started to fade away and right now, with eight days to the race, I'm starting to feel like I'm really ready for this thing that seemed so far away for so long and now- now I'm right on top of it...

I have friends that are going down to race as well, and I hope it a good day for everyone. I'm especially impressed with my friend Steve, who hasn't let the fact that he punctured a lung and landed in the hospital at this race in 2006 stop him from going back two more times.

It's time to start throttling down the engine and hoping what feels good now or could feel just a little better will all fall into place...


Terri said...

hey Alan, in case you didn't already know, I follow your blog. Is everyone coming down to FL with you? Just wondering if G will have someone to play with. We arrive on Wed. around noon, hopefully we'll see you down there. you can contact me offline at tjonesct@yahoo.com
Terri Jones

alan said...

Steve and Michael are racing and Margit and Ian are coming. We'll be in touch !