Friday, October 10, 2008

One More Long Run

I did my second long run last Sunday- again 2.5 hours.

But I'd run a lot of rolling hills in that first extra-long run, and I'd been chasing a rabbit on the way out. Another athlete had told me they'd run all the way to the Guilford Green and back in 3 hours- so I was determined not only to run to the green in one hour fifteen minutes, but exceed that distance, so that my 2.5 hour run would be even longer. I did it so I would have a goal, but looking back, that goal, while achievable, was too aggressive, and I ended up leg sore (well, ankle sore) for several days.

So last week I ran as close to board flat for the 2.5 hours as I could and I started out slow. I also started out early- at 7 AM, in the rain, the 50 degree rain. The rain let up and stayed away- until 2 hours, and I ran that last half hour much harder than the first two.

This is the effort that I should be aiming for in Florida- two and a half hours of very steady running, followed by 45 minutes or so of hard, hard effort, running against the end of day so I can finish my second ironman in daylight this year...

Two hours this Sunday. One last long run and then dial it down.

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