Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Big Snow

We got a 'big snow' yesterday, which means that we had about 28 hours straight of one form of precipitation or another. But the heavy stuff fell between noon and five and we ended up with about 6 inches of snow and the rest of what fell was a weird spritz of rain, sleet, freezing rain and mix that added no accumulation.

For here, that's a big deal, although in Rochester, where I last lived prior to Branford, you could get 6 inches of snow and they might not even send you home early.

I like running in the snow, and I was planning to run this morning with one of my teammates, Michael D'Adetta at 9. He emailed Friday to ask if we were still on and I said yes.

I got up early but didn't want to shovel before the long run, which was a mistake. Margit decided not to leave the driveway for me when I got back. We'd shoveled once yesterday, but it was a lot of work and I felt bad that she'd felt compelled to do it while I was getting my workout.

Michael and I ran for a little over 1:20 and I added another 11 or 12 minutes on each side. The traffic while we were out there was some of the heaviest traffic I've ever seen, which added an unwanted complexity to what was an otherwise enjoyable run.

What's interesting about snow running is what a good workout it is. Your legs really have to work hard because you get the solid plant-energy return-stride equation. You can't baby your style, but you also just don't get the push off on each stride and it makes for a lot of work. Climbing hills is an extra challenge.

But while it's harder, it's not really hard. People always talk about slipping and falling, but when you're used to running in the snow, that's not really an issue. I'm mostly worried about cars sliding and hitting me.

Even though it was sleeting or something when we were running, it was an awesome day for a run, a great workout, and except for wishing I'd shoveled the driveway beforehand, no regrets.

I'll still take 80 and humid any day. Or rather most days. Not today, and not for while. Turns out I like running in the snow.


carlgrus said...

Alan, Just a short note to say I saw the article on the front page of the Living section in this morning's New Haven Register. Good article, very nice. You look a little intense in the picture, even more so than at races. You're probably more relaxed at the races! All the best to you, Margit and Ian for a Happy and Healthy Holiday. Carl

alan said...

Thanks, Carl. Hope the holiday treats you and yours well.

I guess that's my 'work' face.