Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Chores of April

I mowed the lawn after work today, starting at ten before seven and rushing to get it done in an hour before it went dark. I think this is as early as I've ever done a first mowing.

I don't keep track of this sort of thing, but hey, now with my blog, I can. That said, I find it odd to be mowing the lawn in April, and it wasn't as though the lawn didn't really need it and I decided to get one in early. The grass was long enough that it was close to already being too long. With two days of rain coming and a race this weekend, I needed to be out there.

It was worth it though. The same weather that had me skipping a spin to cut the lawn has given me the chance to get in some of the best April riding I've ever had. So no complaints...

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