Sunday, April 26, 2009


Considering is one of those words that I like to pull out when I'm talking to other people, and like to put away when I'm talking to myself.

I had one of those considering moments Sunday running a 5K. I was on the fence about the race. I'm always on the fence about running short road races these days. Sunday is long run day. A 5k is not a long run, and historically, I'm not good at going to a race, running my heart out, and then putting in another 30-40 minutes running. Either I'm too gassed after the race, or I'm too pressed for time. Either way, I don't usually get it done, and Monday turns into long run day.

Margit was at a swimming clinic, so I needed to hire a babysitter to go to the race at all. Because a friend was asking all of us on Force 5 Sports to be at the race, I felt it was the right thing to do, to go and run the 5K. But I determined that for once I was really going to make it part of a 'long' run- at least 15k.

So I drove to the race in Guilford, which is about 15 minutes from my house, signed up quickly, put my number on, and pretty soon I was out running the course. Except for registration going a little too quickly and being ahead of schedule, everything was great. I got in a 4 mile warm-up, and while I felt bad for not talking to anyone, it was good to have the 1st 3rd of my workout done,

Next was the race. I'm not the type of guy that goes to a race and thinks he's going to win it, but evaluating the runners there, I realised I should be thinking about it- and then I saw Jesse Efrom. Winning the race went right out the window...

The race started with an unannounced 3-2-1.

I think Jesse had 50 yards on me at 100 yards. We took it out, me not really hanging on to Jesse, and a couple guys trailing me. We got to about a 1/3rd of a mile and the footsteps behind me became a runner passing me. I evaluated the guy's gait, decided that I should pass him right back, and that was all the excitement the race would have.

Not much else to say. Because there was a turn-around at something over a mile, I had no choice but to know exactly where I was- getting crushed by Jesse and having 60 yards on the guy behind me.

I was never catching Jesse. I ran hard, but maybe not all out. I wasn't going to catch anyone or be caught by anyone.

Still, when I could finally see the clock and it was over 18 minutes I was disappointed. When I crossed the line at 18:40, a slow time, I was a little bummed. Still, I grabbed a water and headed back out. Three minutes after I finished I was was back on the road- and that was the best part of the day. It was hot, I was using the water bottle I'd gotten at the finish more to keep my head cool than to drink and about a mile and a half into that last 5K, I was feeling the way I'll be feeling in Arizona at the Ironman this November, hot and a little spent, but still running, working on hydration and body temperature and yes, it hit me. This is why you do this kind of training. To suffer and be used to it, and yes while it's suffering it's not bad. you're not bonking or distressed. You're tired, you're hot, and you deal.

So it was great workout and when I got done it was right back in the car and home to let the babysitter go, and it was just what I needed.

All things considered, the 18:40, in perspective in the middle of the workout- not so bad.

Still, 18:40 ? Oh well...

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