Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year

Funny how a year that was generally (and unfortunately) warm and dry was ushered out a new year ushered in under the sort of cold and wet conditions that made me glad that my workout was a 60-75 minute run and not the ride my coach was on. I'd been out on the mountain bike several times since Christmas, thanks to the first real pair of booties I've ever had (up until last week I was wearing nothing more than sneakers and heavy socks).

I'm looking forward to this year- I always wanted to do 2 IMs and do Lake Placid again with Margit and this year I'll doing both (I hope).

Here's wishing that everyone finds at least some of what they hope for in 2008 and whether I see you at the races or not, I hope you enjoy yourself, whatever you're doing.

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