Sunday, January 27, 2008

What a week !

By 9 PM Monday night I was sitting in an ambulance, with my son throwing up on me. He tripped and fell at IKEA and ended up with a mild concussion, a CAT scan, and an overnight stay at Yale-New Haven. That was a little disconcerting.

He wasn't really the same until Thursday, and as each day went by some other major or minor catastrophe seemed to creep into frame. I'd missed half a day of work on Tuesday after being off Monday. On Thursday I had my six-month dentist's appointment. Five hours later I no longer could find my MacBook Pro- it would eventually turn up, but dead as a doorstop. I was, however, the proud owner of a faxed, partially hand-written list of new students for our meal plan- that's right, hand-written.

Saturday morning I woke up (at 5 AM) to one cat dropping a load on the kitchen floor, another one vomiting all over the closet. That night we we at a party in the Bronx until 12:30 and it was 2AM by the time we hit the sack to call it a day.

But the point isn't to complain here. Some of these things are serious, others just mild inconveniences. The high points were two fold- one, watching my son return to perfectly normal behaviour- the rapidly expanding vocabulary, the curiosity, but most of all, the willingness to continue to run around exuberantly (although often in ill-advised ways). After a head injury, you worry that there is going to be some permanent deficit. As someone that has had their bell rung several times as an adult, it's a scary thing.

The other thing that went right this weekend were the workouts- the 2 hours of spinning and half an hour of running Saturday, the 90 minute run today. It's nice to be able to unplug from returning students, domestic disasters, dead computers, and focus on something simple, direct, and know that, if you're following your plan, you're accomplishing something. then of course, it's time for a shower and back at the world, but feeling refreshed.

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