Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wow ! Steve Jobs Delivers again...

The MacBook Air is certainly the big deal in the set of announcements today from Steve Jobs, and it looks like the notebook everyone has been wanting. However, having just gotten a new MacBook Pro at work in late 2006, I'm not up for a new laptop until 2008, so I'll save the salivating for another day.

However, it was much of what was in the rest of the keynote that really made me happy. I started pushing for direct purchase/downloads to the iPhone the day I got it, and I'd been at least able to get that feedback passed along to people inside Apple. The same can't be said about my desire to be able to do the same. The people I know at Apple certainly want to hear my thoughts on the iPhone and Podcasting (I can't wait to get that new X-serve set up), but my Apple TV ? Please.

The biggest negative about the Apple TV (which I love), has been that I couldn't buy content directly on it and have had to clog up my MacBook Pro hard drive with TV shows and so on. And it's always struck me as a bit bizarre that I can watch movie trailers on the Apple TV, but not buy movies to watch. Well, in two weeks, that all changes. I'm not sure how many movies I'll really buy or rent. I've bought 30 songs on my iPhone so far, which is a few dollars a month, nothing big. But as I find myself spinning on my bike 4 days a week in the basement, a little purchasing power right on my Apple TV- sweet.

I'm also looking forward to getting my time capsule next month. Now I know Apple and January product announcements. when they say February as a ship date they do not mean February 1st. Fortunately, there's only 27 other days in the month- oops, 28 days. I have several fairly large external hard drives. I also have a small son, and for that reason I haven't bothered implementing Time Machine- I can barely negotiate with him to keep my MacBook Pro plugged in at night as he thinks the mag-safe power cord is a fire hose...

Anyway, I'm psyched, and to me, the biggest innovation won't cost me a penny... I was hoping for my iPhone apps, but hey, I can wait.

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