Sunday, March 30, 2008


When I set out on my first two hour run in some time on Saturday, I was expecting any number of things, but what I was not expecting was to have a chocolate labrador try a Deion Sanders shoulder-tackle about 70 minutes into the run. Fortunately, like any Sanders tackle, it was more show than substance, and as you know, dogs are not very good at wrapping up.

However, I will give the dog this- he came up behind me without setting off any alarms and it wasn't until he actually put his head and shoulders into the back of my knees that I realised something was amiss. Because the dog and I were both moving in the same direction and his intention was friendly, there was no harm done, just an extra shot of adrenaline and the wait for the owner to come get control back of his dog.

One my Sunday ride, I disturbed a hawk with his meal- a squirrel, about 15 minutes into my ride. He was just sitting in the middle of the road, eating, so I was a little worried that he might not just take his meal and move off, but he did. I'd completely forgotten about him an hour and a half later when I rode back into Stony Creek.

Apparently, the Hawk did not like mealus interruptus. As I crested the hill and was at my lowest speed, the hawk closed in. I caught its shadow, turned and yelled something- who knows what- at it. Of course, turning my face towards it was probably the dumbest thing I could have done, and clearly it just was reminding me whose turf I was on, but still...

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