Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Time Trial, Part II

Ah, things are starting to come back to me.

I found myself time-trialing the Hammerfest course for the second time in three days. Do I hate myself or feel that I'm behind on my progress for 2008 ? No. Do I think that hopping my bike in late March and riding until I just feel well, like I'm sprinting for 36 minutes, proves anything. Definitely not.

What is it then. Two things- first, it's light and warm enough to be outside, and second, I have to pick my son up from day care most nights and I'd rather ride my ass off for a little under forty minutes outside on a nice day, than spin inside if I'm also watching my son at the same time. That was my dilemma today- pick him up and try to convince him to play in the basement for an hour while I spun, or rush home, ride until my tongue was hanging out of my mouth and get that done in less than forty minutes.

I picked the shorter, harder, more known quantity. He's let me spin 9- minutes without an interruption that requires me getting off the bike, and other days it's 5 times in 40 minutes. With my other option being to wait until 9 PM, I decided to squeeze what I could in...

And then, I almost overcooked a turn at 25 mph, which would have endangered the day-care pick up.

But I'll note here- as this is the closest thing I have to a training diary- that I averaged 22.2 mph for just under 14 miles. So if I was thinking I was behind where I need to be....

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