Monday, March 24, 2008

Time Trial

Well, the weather is sort of improving- why we are having some of our coldest nights of the year in the spring, when there's no snow on the ground is beyond me, but even the 20 degree nights aren't stopping the shoreline temperatures from flirting with 50 degrees late in the day.

I took advantage to get out on my bike at 6:30 tonight. Yes, 6:30. I don't know what sort of crazy sort of blood-pressure medicine the US Congress is on, starting Daylight Savings Time in the middle of March, but suddenly, I'm liking it. I was able to get in a 42 minute, 14.75 mile time trial ride on my Elite. Nothing to brag about- barely 21 MPH for a fairly flat course. But the last time I managed a time trial was back in late November after a long run.

I was overdressed, sucking wind the whole time, and wondering if my legs would hold up, but it was sure nice to pull the bike off the trainer and give it a real workout...

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