Friday, May 30, 2008

Battlestar Galactica

It can be hard to tell, with the way they edit clips together, if three was really talking to Roslin when she 'revealed' who the fifth of the five cylons still unknown at the start of the season- and to be honest, if the show has a fault, it's in these end of episode previews for next week where the tease becomes something more like a spoiler.

I think what was potentially more flabbergasting than that- after all, Roslin is on many people's short list, cancer or no cancer- was the idea that Tighe, Cylon or not, still has the ability to progenerate. It's hard to imagine someone who's lived that hard a life still being able to produce viable seed. He was a hopeless strung out drunk for years before Adama resurrected his military career, and from all appearances, he was drunk for most of that as well. I know that a long life of alcohol abuse doesn't automatically make you sterile, but the indicators are pretty strong- alcohol abuse directly damages testicular cells.

I know, the title of the blog isn't This Blog is About Reproductive Male Medicine...

There was an awful lot in this episode but there was one thing I'm not sure I understood. When Lee was seeing the live cat- what exactly was he seeing ? And for that matter, what were we seeing ? The cat moved, it cried. But in the end, it had been dead for weeks. Sly allegory about how we see what we want to see ? Even when we kick the always empty food bowl and realise that something is just not quite right ?

Maybe Adama should have brought more than one book. But we'll know soon enough...

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