Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Can anyone ruin football ? Gene Upshaw Can

From an AP news feed:
Upshaw made his argument in a half-hour conference call that ended a few minutes before Goodell made his in a news conference. The debate will continue in negotiations and through the media over a course of months and years. Both conceded there might be no agreement until the deadline, which Upshaw suggested might not happen until the winter of 2010. That would be a year without a salary cap under terms of the deal.

“We’d like to get things done,” Goodell said. “But often it’s not until you have a deadline that people realize the consequences of not reaching a deal.”

Upshaw added: “March of 2010—that’s what we see as the realistic deadline. I’m not going to sell the players on a cap again. Once we go through the cap, why should we agree to it again?”

My take on this: Hopefully Upshaw is gone by March of 2010. Upshaw has stood by and done nothing while untested rookies have grabbed money that should have been allocated to veterans, fought for players like Michael Vick to keep salary they didn't deserve, and in general displayed a greed and disregard for the game that is almost mind-numbing. The cap is what has allowed there to be labor rest instead of labor unrest...

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