Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Run

I vaguely remember my alarm going off sometime after 5:30. I leave it on all the time, although I never really need it to get up and most mornings, like this one, it goes off an hour before I need to get up.

I stayed in bed until about 6:30, then got up, snarfed down a banana and made the coffee. In the winter, I run on Sundays with Michael D'Addetta. I meet him at Pine Orchard Country Club at 8:30, and how long I want the whole run to be determines when I leave my house. Today I was just looking for 75-80 minutes, so I just ran there.

The first 5 minutes were really unpleasant. I was wearing tights, a light jacket, and a skullcap, but my feet felt like bricks and the hand carrying my gatorade was frozen.

But you know what- it was a beautiful day. The sun was out, especially stunning when I got down to the club and you could see the sound. I warmed up, Michael joined me and pushed the pace on that first hill and then we settled in.

After yesterday, I was not looking forward to a long run- to admitting to myself that it might just as well be winter, that it's going to be a cold Thanksgiving. But once you get out there, you are running with a friend having a good conversation, and you get done and you've run 75 minutes....

That's all good. Yeah, it's cold, and yeah, although IM Arizona was going on today, triathlon season is over. There are worse things.

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