Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wintery Mix

I got to run for the first time this season in a combination of snow and sleet this morning for 75 minutes.

It's been a good weekend. I won a race yesterday and was rewarded for driving straight from the race to the Eli Whitney museum where my son and wife were playing with trains and my son gave me a kiss on the cheek as soon as he saw me, which oddly was very touching. We survived some Black Friday shopping. Our outside lights are outside and lit. Good workouts. Time on Thanksgiving with family.

Our new cat is settled in.

But this morning's run was also a nice little high point. I ran with Michael, and as I swung by the club and he joined the run, it was getting slippery. The sleet was pelting down, a little bit painful at times. The sound of it on the leaves was awesome. There is nothing quite like listening to sleet coming down on dried out leaves.

It wasn't exactly storm and it's not like running in heavy snow. But it's nice to get that first winter run under your belt, have it be a good solid effort- and not end up on your face or your ass.

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