Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Elite Bicycles- Awesome

I just wanted to add another gushingly positive endorsement of the guys at Elite.

As I posted on the blog previously, Dave from Elite discovered a crack in my frame a few days before Ironman Florida. First, imagine that your bike company travels to your two favourite IM races- Florida and Lake Placid- and services your bike for free, including upgrading any parts that need it and letting you pay up when you're ready.

Then, Dave lets me know that he'll be replacing the frame- on him. Or I can upgrade to a Razor for a ridiculously low price- and no pressure here either. Dave would have happily swapped out my old T-Class for a new one, perfected an already great fit and spent half a day with me.

Then he hooks me up with his art guy, who sticks with me through the usual difficulties deciding what colours I want on my bike, what I want done special.

Finally, he arranges to spend half a day with me, getting the fit just right again on the new bike, working around my schedule.

I don't know what else I can say about these guys except they really have taken the whole customer service thing to an insane level...

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