Saturday, March 28, 2009

Notes from Philadelphia

I just wanted to jot down a few notes about our trip to Philadelphia (more to come):

- Dave at Elite Bicycles rocks. I got another great fit yesterday, good advice about what I can do off the bike to help me on the bike, and he practically gave away an upgrade from my T-Class to a Razor. All between moving to a new house and flying out to California. He's too much.

- Horizons vegan restaurant. I was skeptical, but it was a great meal.

- Parking. Parking in Philadelphia sucks. It's that simple. There's nowhere to park and you're likely to get ticketed when you do. The one-two punch. Brotherly love does not extend to the meter police.

-Nodding Head Tavern. Great food, great beer, great pint class. We'll be back.

-Philadelphia Zoo. I always feel conflict inside when I go to the zoo. If it sparks an interest in conservation and awareness in kids, that's awesome. Would I want to be an eagle living in a cage that can be measured in square foot ? Um, no.

- South Street Bridge repairs. Definitely complicates going places.

We had a blast. I want to go back this summer.


carlgrus said...

Alan, My son lives and works in Philly. We've been there a bunch. Here is the link to my notes from a visit in Jan., you might like the museum and restaurants. Carl

alan said...

Thanks ! Yes, we definitely need to get to the market next time we're down there, and see more of the city.

Sounds like you have a great time when you go down and I'll have to shoot you an email before we go again.