Friday, July 18, 2008

Downhill Practice

We had our downhill practice today- we park in one of the pullouts and ride down while a few support vehicles follow us down. We're going fast enough that we're not really holding up traffic- and the second time, there was emergency road construction part way down.

Back in June, when I road the course on a Sunday afternoon by myself, I had a pretty miserable pair of downhill runs. Coming on the tail of being off the bike twice, I'd really been unhappy with where I was in that regard and I have to be honest. I was not looking forward to the downhill practice today. My coach Eric: always says that the course intimidates people when it shouldn't, and I agree with that, but at the same time, when the roads are open, the downhill is tough.

However, after doing two downhill practice runs today, any questions I have- and there shouldn't have been any- were answered. I'm looking forward to getting to Keene the second time.

It's always interesting doing the downhills. There's always at least two guys plus EH that beat me down the hill, and they averaged about 4MPH faster than I did, but if I average in the mid thirties in that section, I'll be happy enough. No, I'll be thrilled.

We had two absolutely wicked thunderstorms, both with hail, but each time, it cleared up nicely. I got a peek at the athlete's village today and they certainly improved the merchandise tent... other than that it's all about staying calm and relaxed...

It's been slow blogging because of our spotty internet access, but I'll add something tomorrow.

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