Sunday, July 13, 2008

iPhone 2.0- A Much Better iPhone

I was hoping to get my hands on a new iPhone this weekend but workouts come first and although I was in an Apple Store yesterday, the new 3G iPhone was not.

No big. I'd had the opportunity to use the iPhone 2.0 software for some time and things like enterprise support (read Microsoft Exchange email support, whoopie) have been nice. However, the big hope had been that the App Store would fulfill its promise. That button did very little until Thursday, and what it is doing is just awesome.

That is, if you've installed the 2.0 software, gone to the App Store, and have yet to find any apps worth installing on your phone, you're either a) a VERY casual computer user, b) not looking hard enough, or c) a great big curmudgeon.

And that's fine. Do you need to install apps on your iPhone ? Of course not. Everyone expected I was one of those people who would either jailbreak my phone or be down in my cups over the lack of available apps. I wasn't. I bought my iPhone to be an iPhone- that is a phone, email, and internet.

However, now that I have aim, twitteriffic, remore, and other applications on my phone, it's a better device. I've spent more time using my iPhone as an in-car iPod since the software came out, but I'm warming up to the new potential of an already great device.

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