Friday, July 11, 2008

Something New- A Swim Meet

For my first time in a 50 meter outdoor pool, I decided to go the extra distance and compete in my first ever swim meet, a dual masters meet between Hopkins and East Lyme.

My plan was to swim one event, the 50 free- no turns or anything, and a distance I could just put my head down and go. The plan was set wrong by having only 4 men show up to swim for East Lyme. So I found myself in the meet's first event, the 200 IM, swimming the anchor leg (freestyle). Then the 50 was shortly after that, and I swam a 43.3- just under double the US men's record at the distance. And they say it's all about the suit...

I tried jumping in from the deck. I imitated the posture of the other athletes- the swimmers- however, when I hit the water I did not move forward. I think I lost about 5 seconds right there (and I spent the rest of the meet practising this skill during breaks).

My third event was the 100 free. With my open turn and my complete loss of oxygen at 75 yards, I clocked in at a frightening 1:39.

Undaunted, I anchored our 200 free relay. Fortunately, we were already toast when I hit the water.

I could just cross 'swim meet' off my list of things to do, but hey, maybe I'll learn to swim and actually be something other than comedic relief.....

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