Thursday, May 28, 2009

Grading the Dave Yurgaitis 10K at Lake Compounce

Race Importance (to my season)- B
This would be a C, but it was a state championship and I was there as our #2 runner. Yikes !

Race Course- B
This was a solid course. Except for the big hill in the first and last half mile, the course is a set of gradual up and downhill slopes. The course is an out and back and it's easy to follow. But with the natural beauty of the area it would be hard not to design a nicer looking course. You'd just have to avoid running it through an office park. Still, it's a solid course and adequate for a championship. It also take advantage of a good venue.

Race Organization- A-
Well organised. Started on time, no problems with timing I know of, decent food post race. I didn't stay for the awards so I don't know how that part of the race went, so I'll hold off giving an A. Volunteers and water stops well-done.

My performance- B
After throwing up that 18:23 in the 5K, I was worried about repeating my Durham 10K of 2007, where I went 38+. Instead I was just 2 seconds off last year. I'll take that.

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