Thursday, May 28, 2009

Grading the Durham 10K

We're trying something new here- providing some format to the race reporting.

Race Importance (to my season)- B+
This race is meaningless to any objectives I have. But I want to run well here.

Race Course- A
This is a great course. The early hill divides the wheat from the chaff, and the route in the first mile is the same one the parade has just gone on, so there are plenty of spectators. In fact, the whole course has spectators on it except for the fifth mile, there are plenty of water stops, and this is one challenging course, with a nice combination of short hard and longer gradual hills, some nice downhills, and good sightlines when you're chasing the faster people.

Race Organization- B+
Well organised. Started on time, awards were timely. Volunteers were great. Ken Platt is an awesome timer, which is why things went pretty well considering that the 'd-chip' was used and a number of people weren't recorded crossing the finish line, due to the extremely fragile nature of the 'chip'. Because the Lions (I think) sell food after the race, the post race food is never as good as it ought to be for a hard race. The entry price is low so I wouldn't mention this except that burgers and hot dogs don't do it for me. As a counter-balance, they have an awesome raffle and despite the complaints here, I love this race and recommend it to everyone.

My performance- A-
My goal was to finish at least third. I ran a very solid race, but I wonder- if my goal had been to finish second would I have found 4 seconds a mile...

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