Thursday, May 28, 2009

Grading the Lilac 5K (Rochester)

Race Importance (to my season)- C
The grade here would be a B if it had been the 10K. 800 people or not, the 5K is the ugly step-child of the Lilac Festival.

Race Course- A-
This was a great course. Closed to traffic, easy to navigate, impossible to get lost on. Theme here with Rochester races ? It's a fast course, with a long opening sloping downhill, about 5 or six turns total and a nice uphill in the last 3/4 miles or so. Very fair course.

Race Organization- A-
Very well organised. Started on time, no problems with timing. Lots of volunteers and spectators. Food was a little pedestrian and they only went one deep in the age groups, which is kind of weak in an 800 person race and totally at odds with the 10K, where they give awards to the top 5% or something (three minimum).

My performance- B
I ran a pretty good race on tired legs, but I really blew the strategy in the last 4/10th of a mile and cost myself the age group win. Bad me.

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