Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fall and Down Time

I was out running today- my first run since the marathon. I'd struggled walking up and down stairs the last two days (often carrying a small boy), so it was nice to get out, even if it was a little cold and a little windy.

Marathons are a big deal, whether you want them to be or not, and there's no better reminder than not being able to do much more than sit and spin on a bike in your basement doing a little active recovery.

It was actually a beautiful day. I was on 139, north of 34, and it was snowing leaves. So thick I could reach out my hand and leaves would fall right into it without trying. Bright sunshine- stiff wind, a little chilly, but for the last full week of October, a great day. It made me feel a little guilty. I'd been at the New Haven Road Race Board dinner last night and John Courtmanche, always gracious, made a comment to me about what a good marathon I'd run, and made my usual denial. Sure, it wasn't a perfect day, I didn't quite resurrect my marathoning career.

But you know what ? I was able to train for a marathon without interfering with Margit's training for the Ironman. I'd got to take Ian out on some long runs. I was rained on only two or three times during the whole three weeks that I focused solely on the race. It's been a fantastic October, and it really waited to start getting cold until after the race was over (literally, it seems a little colder every day since).

I can't say that running every day like I do getting ready for the marathon is my favourite thing. But it's still enjoyable, still rewarding. How can you complain about getting outside for anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours every day, in the sun, with your music- and I'd found some great music to train with for this race.

And hey- you run a marathon and you've got a great base. I'm off to my last duathlon of the season Sunday- and then next Wednesday I go Florida and I get to run an half marathon training run on a great, flat, well marked course five days in a row, I get the beach, the sun, and I get to watch an Ironman, which is, well, it doesn't beat doing one, but there are worse things, that's for sure.

It turns out there really is a journey out there, and even after you get to the destination, it's possible to enjoy the trip. I know there's some down time coming in my future, but not quite yet...

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