Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Going Positive

My coach has a rule- 'No whining'. Eric's an incredible guy- always finds the positive, even when the world is literally shaking like it was in Kona Sunday. No whining isn't about improving his comfort-level, either. It's about a skill athletes, especially endurance athletes, need.

I was watching the Bears-Cards game last night and after the Bears returned a punt for a TD with about 3 minutes left, erasing a 23-3 deficit to take a 24-23 lead, they showed Cardinals QB Matt Leinart on the sideline, head down, on one knee. Joe Theismann gave him the benefit of the doubt and said that he was gathering his thoughts, but he struck me as dejected. However, Leinart went back in, moved the team downfield and set up a field goal attempt that Neil Rackers was unable to convert. The quarterback did his job, hung in. he might have been dejected on the sideline, but in the moment of the game he found a way to go positive with his effort.

Whining is one of those things that can take on a life of its own when you're training for long events. There's a lot that can wrong during a six-hour bike ride or a 2 hour run. Those things can either be part of the fun and the challenge, or part of a snowball that rolls over your best hopes for whatever you're training for.

I haven't exactly been whining, but the circumstances that find me running a marathon on Sunday, October 22nd have definitely dampened my enthusiasm a little.

So I was determined to get up this morning and find some positives for Sunday, so here goes:

Weather- the temperature is supposed to rise to 59 degrees, hopefully 60 if the rain holds off, with a thin breeze of around 7 mph. Now, some marathoners (most ?) would say 60 is too warm for a marathon. Not me. I like the heat- the hotter the better, and 60 degrees would be a major bonus.

Scenery- JB sells Mystic as a very scenic race for one reason- because it is. Fall came late this year and this coming weekend is likely to be the best weekend for colour in our area. Now, while I don't expect to be gawking at the trees during the marathon, that scenery is a great.

Field- After running 1:22 at the half, I have a number in my head, and a place in the field that I want to finish at or above. I think I can do both.

Preparation- I have a good nutrition plan, I think I am finally ready to go out and run a steady pace, and my coach has me prepared well.

It really has been a spectacular fall weather-wise, great for people doing late-season races. This is the year I should run well at Mystic...

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