Friday, October 27, 2006

Final Multisport Hurrah, 2006

Sandwiched between last Saturday's Ironman World Championships and next Sunday's Ironman Florida is a Saturday full of rain and believe it or not, a few Sunday duathlons in Massachusetts.

I'm on my way to Wrentham for a Firmman Sprint Duathlon. I treated myself to new toe clips- my toe clips were at least 12 years old, the plastic was broken on one of the cages, and the rust- ! I still rode in them for a month this year when I thought I was training for the short course Worlds in Center Brook (I qualified, but trying to get there would have been a misadventure I'd have regretted twice as much for having missed Lake Placid).

It's a good question why I would drive two hours to do a sprint duathlon at the end of what my coach says has been a productive season. I'm not sure either. The part of me that likes to race is the same part that has been missing my bike the last three weeks and this is going to be one last chance for that- I may be a little overweight- kind of Apollo in BSG at the moment- I may have a marathon in my legs, but I'm ready to try one last time to produce a little speed.

I'm looking forward to Florida, and I think I've proven a decent Ironman spectator. At the same time, I'm not always thrilled about (by always I mean ever) watching other people race. If someone handed me a number I'd step out into the ocean next Sunday because that's how I am. I spoke to Dave from Elite bikes and he says their truck was broken into- major bumer. These guys are great- they have always been there for me with the last minute tweaks (or complete recabling) my bike has needed before the Ironman.

Time to get that 'two nights before the race' sleep everyone talks about...

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