Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What a Difference a Day

Makes, that is.

Boy, for someone in their taper, it could not have been better running weather, especially for October. 65 degrees and sunny with a light wind for an easy run? Just warm enough that you could actually get a little sweat going.

I'm going to be running the marathon in a Saucony shoe which escapes any attempt to identify it (short of looking at the box). The roads were still damp which is exactly what I was hoping- you can never trust a shoe until you've tested it out on wet road, preferably slick road. With the leaves coming down, the roads get a little slippery and there are no shortage of turns in Sunday's course. I'm going to this shoe for the marathon. I would have liked the Mizuno Idaten better, but Mizuno is out of 8.5s- I can't even get them straight from the source. That's the shoe I ran the marathon portion of Lake Placid in and it was very comfortable.

I'll probably try to sneak out on my bike for a short, easy ride after work. While not on my schedule, it really is a rare day out there- get out and get in a run or bike if you can- days this beautiful are on the decline until next year.

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