Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Amazing Technology in Our Lives

In another non-athletic post, I really struck me over the last twenty-four hours how much technology has changed- in this case for the better, our or at least my life. Offered in no particular order are some examples:

1) I watched the inauguration today, live, while sitting in my office- and watching my 'friends' react on Facebook. As a bonus, I also got to watch Yo-Yo Ma perform. Slam-dunk!

2) While watching A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart last night (an excellent, faithful adaptation with a stellar performance by Stewart), I was struck (as anyone who has seen the movie would be) by one unfortunate choice- the ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come is presented as a mutant giant Jawa. Curious how many others had the same thought, I Googled 'Patrick Stewart Jawa' before Scrooge had consigned himself to the ghost's care and was rewarded with the answer. Quite a few people...

3) My wife watched the inauguration at Pfizer on BBC News.

4) Tonight, tired of ABCs fascination with the Inaugural Balls, I turned to BBC America, and the presenters immediately and ironically turned to Ted Koppel for his analysis- of the speech and the implications of the moment. He did not mention the balls, because he has a pair...

5) I gave my son a gift for his birthday that he's going to get a lot of use and fun out of that I never saw advertised and knew nothing about until I was looking on Amazon for things he might like. It was shipped to me free and delivered in 48 hours.

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