Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cleanse, Day Seven, Long Run

Today was my weekly long run- two hours and five minutes. I run on Saturdays with Michael D'Addetta, and we run at a very moderate pace, but there's really no such thing as an easy two hour run.

So running for two hours during the cleanse ? As my coach suggested in his own blog, the cleanse does not turn your workouts into some kind of death march. During the week my workouts have been short-50 minutes or less as I'm in my recovery phase of the off season- but I've had good pickups and the workouts have all felt good- as has my pasta lunch afterwards.

I could tell the difference though. I usually run with either a bottle of gatorade or a cliff shot and for a two hour run I might normally take a cliff shot every 45 minutes or so. Today I took a bottle of Propel instead, which is like Gatorade's weak little brother.

It was cold this morning- my eyes starting watering when I got out of the car and we started running, and my water bottle tip kept icing up. But the run was never that hard, and I never felt like I didn't have the energy for it. It was just- harder. Especially climbing, which is kind of ironic because I've lost a number of pounds that ought to make hill climbing easier. It really was just a little bit more challenging, and nothing I couldn't handle.

I have a feeling that this was probably the hardest workout I'll have during the cleanse- my next long run will be on day fourteen, and I'll both have the advantage of my metabolism having fully adjusted and being on the last day of the cleanse and looking forward to a nice big breakfast- the type I usually only eat on Christmas and New Year's, that next day.

The bottom line- Eric's right. Your workouts don't have to suffer when your on the cleanse, you just have to dig a little deeper, and it's best to keep your effort moderated.

I'll still be glad to be able to have cheese again though.

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