Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cleanse, Day Ten- The Dowhill Grind ?

Eric usually coincides my downtime (one easy 45 minute workout a week) with the cleanse.

This year I've tried a new approach, spinning Monday through Friday, or spinning interspersed with short intervals. But I like structure when I spin, and I'm a big Spinervals fan, so I typically have those workouts to drawn on, even if I'm in the gym on a spinning bike. Basically, I have some of the shorter, simpler workouts memorized. Give me a clock or watch and the ability to adjust the tension while I spin and I'm off.

But I'm supposed to be going easy so when I thought about doing the Uphill Grind, I realised that's not what Eric had in mind.

So I inverted it, doing the Downhill Grind. The heart of the workout is 4 X 5 minute efforts with one minute rest- climb (hard gears) for four minutes, then super-spin in a moderately easy gear to simulate downhill work for one minute. So I did four minutes super-spinning in any easy gear, and one minute standing and climbing in a moderate gear.

The result ? A fun workout that was within the A-B zone (okay definitely B). And the Cleanse ? Certainly did not feel it on this workout. I felt perfectly fine.

Four days to go !

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