Thursday, January 08, 2009

Update on The Madoff Case

When I suggested not that long ago that Bernie Madoff belonged behind bars, I had no way of knowing how quickly I would be joined by people actually involved in the case.

In case you missed it, the prosecutors in the case are now calling for Madoff to be jailed. It appears that he and his wife sent millions of dollars worth of jewelry to family and friends over the holidays, adding an embarrassing exclamation point to the scandal.

His lawyer's response: "If he was found to be selling narcotics, if it's found that he threatened somebody, if it's found that he was fleeing the community, then I think your honor should consider new bail conditions," Sorkin told the judge Monday. "But that's not the case here."

However, if were found to say, have stolen billions of dollars and then tried hiding millions of dollars of what should become settlement money to help ease the economic devastation he caused ?

Again, let's stop with this nonsense that grand theft hedge fund is less of crime than simple battery. Crime = Crime. Let's leave it at that, and let's leave Bernie in jail.

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