Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Best Game Ever

I really will get on with my year end review, maybe Saturday afternoon when I'm on day seven of the cleanse. It's day five now and well, I'm more than a third of the way through and that's something...

Anyway, anyone who knows me well knows I am a big football fan- the pro variety, although I am watching the BCS championship game.

I'm in my early forties, and my dad was born in 1917. Although he died when I was eight, he did manage to install some of the game's history in that time. He was a Redskins fan, but he talked about the game, which I though really became something of interest to him in the late fifties. Unitas, Berry, Donovan were all names I knew and Frank Gifford was a football celebrity of course. And I started watching football in a way where I can remember it when I was four- the 1969 season, when the 1958 championship game was still a point of discussion.

But I've only seen photos and heard stories about this greatest of the great games. And after reading the first half of this book I already know more about Unitas, Berry, and Weeb than I did beforehand.

Bowden has a great way of capturing what the game was about, what these men were about, and he does it with a quick and easy style that makes the book a great page turner.

1958 is a long time ago- 50 seasons ago this year (the championship game was on December 28th, 1958). That's right, 50 years ago. If you sat through those 49er-Broncos Super Bowl blowouts and other easily forgotten lopsided snoozefest because you love the game, treat yourself to this book- you will not be disappointed.

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