Sunday, January 03, 2010

Cleanse Day 1

Coach Eric sent out the email letting us know that we'd be starting the Cleanse on January 2nd.

I don't enjoy the cleanse. I've done it a number of times but it's just never been something I can say that I like doing. It's just something I sort of have to do.

That said, the only real challenge day 1 is drinking 100 ounces of water. I drink a lot of water, compared to most people, but in an average day I probably only drink about 50 ounces.

It always seems to get cold right around the start of the cleanse (probably because it's January 2nd), so drinking all that water also makes it difficult to control your body temperature. Unless you like being cold.

Still, Day One is one of the easier days. And it's over. On to day two.

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