Saturday, January 09, 2010

Cleanse Day 8

I knew this was going to be one of the more interesting days for the cleanse this year. I had to swap my bike and run because of some family events and the 90 minute run is potentially the hardest workout on the cleanse because it's the one where you dig deeper into your reserves- although we'll see as I have a 90-minute spin/40 minute run tomorrow- than just about anything during the two weeks.

Eric's discussed using any sports nutrition during the cleanse and generally the answer is no, but with a long enough one, some small amount may be acceptable.

I'd carried a raspberry Hammer-Gel on my long run last week and as it was the first day of the cleanse it was unneeded.

Today was different. Fifteen minutes into the run, with my water freezing, I was really lagging. I was running with @poycc and I would say I just didn't feel good. After have great workouts on Wednesday and Thursday, I was really struggling.

I went ahead and ate the Hammer-Gel. I was thinking it might just be psychological, that I didn't need it. I think if I had gotten an immediate pick-up it would have been, and I'd have felt like I was cheating. But it took at least five minutes before I did start to feel the pick-up and then I had a very good run and felt strong at the end.

Then we did a couple of great family things that Ian really enjoyed- I might not have enjoyed being at Disney on Ice instead of watching playoff football, but I got a great, cleanse friendly meal afterwards.

Just 6 more days- and the low moment was on the run today and it was easy to work through. I'll be glad when it's over but I'll take a good day like this one...

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