Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cleanse- Day 12- January 13th

The Plunge.

I'd gotten myself in over my head, literally this year. I'd raised 645.00 for the Plunge, which meant I had to get over my head into the water. Despite the warm air temperature, the water temperature is pretty much what it is this time of year, which is cold. It takes a lot for salt water to freeze, and we certainly aren't there, but the sand and the water were bound to be cold.

I'd decided that I'd have all of my water drank and not eat anything not on the diet until we hit Bar at night, so I got up, drank a water, ate my grapefruit and pineapple, packed an apple and soybean butter just in case we were out past 10 am, and we headed out.

We had 18-20 people for the plunge this year, a good number. It was certainly better than the year that it was 16 degrees out. the tide was a little out and I don't have sandals. Next year, I wear sandals. I had promised my donor group that I was going in over my head and there would be pictures to prove it. I went in over my head and came out and went and looked at the digital camera. No pictures.

I went in a second time. I went under. I came out and looked at the camera. No picture. At this point, the water was starting to feel okay, and feet were completely numb, so I had nothing to lose. I went in a third time and we got some not all that convincing pictures.
There was another one of Eric's clients there and he took pictures and after the fact I found this picture of me, apparently doing the butterfly, which I'm not sure I really know how to do- on the first attempt.

Hopefully you got what you paid for and I REALLY want to thank the twenty-one people who helped me raise the money I did. Eric informed us that the money we raised is going to allow the family we sponsored this year take their two autistic children to a specialist in Boston. That's just awesome, and makes things like a little cold water, or the Cleanse, seem a lot less meaningful.

Jason Williams won the 25.00 Product (red) iTunes gift card.

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