Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cleanse- Day Ten- January 11th

Today I did my first early morning workout on the cleanse. I'm sure other people on the cleanse are doing early AM workouts regularly.

I tend to think these early workouts are rough because you haven't taken in any calories for about 10 hours and I don't have time to eat anything before I start. I did forty-five minutes on the treadmill at 6 AM and was surprised, after two workouts yesterday, that I felt pretty good this morning tooling along on the treadmill while listening to Evanescence, Snow Patrol, Godsmack and a few others.

I have to say that while my late-night homework, computer gaming and inability to turn off the Daily Show or Colbert Report make getting up less easy than it should be, there's nothing like having one of your workouts under your belt and having that early morning pickup.

Just don't ask me to get in the pool at 6 AM. No swimming before 7:30 AM....

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